Australia - Down Under 2k15 #2


Arriving in Adelaide!

After the first week in Sydney I had to say goodbye to the others because it was time for me to fly to Adelaide - the city where I stayed at a host family for five weeks and went there to a High School. My host parents are very nice people and I had such a great time there. However, I wasn't alone with my host parents because there was another exchange student who stayed with us. She is a really nice girl from Japan and is in my same age. So during the month we came us very close and became very good friends. We still keep in touch 'til today although she is back in her country. 
With my host family I visit some great places like the zoo, the botanic garden, some beaches, of course the city, etc...

( Zoo ) 

( City )

( Botanic Garden )

Can you see the koala? ;)

xo, Sophie

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