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Hello there!

First of all I am so sorry that I didn't post anything for a longer time. However as you probably know from my Instagram I am finally back home in Germany since two weeks. Furthermore, my school has already started. So I am very busy at the moment. In spite of all, I really try to be more active on my blog.
Buuut now to the real topic of this post....


I never thought that High Schools in Australia are so much different to German 'High Schools'.
First of all High Schools there doesn't start in year five as in Germany. This kind of schools start in year seven. Moreover, I had to wear a school uniform every single day. However, not all schools here have uniforms. So it depends from school to school and I am not complaining. It was a great experience because in Germany at my school we don't have to wear any uniforms. 
Although they have more subjects to choose than in Germany the students have to take part in only six subjects per year. So in my opinion as a student in Australia one has got much more time for school than in Germany. 
Furthermore everyone uses a laptop which one borrows from school. However I think that it also depends from school to school. 
My school in Australia starts at 9am and ends at 3:20pm. 
Before one enter into class they have ACE-Class where a teacher checks if you miss class or not.
I went there for one month to school in year eleven and I was very surprised that the students are quite slow with the school stuff. We did and learn things that I already learned in Germany in year 7 or something. 
In addition, I was very lucky with my teachers because they are really nice and helpful. Every time when I didn't understand something or need help I could ask them.
In my courses I meet also new friends and still keep in touch with them...
In conclusion, I really like my school and the people there and I really enjoyed making new experiences and I learned a lot from there! In my opinion my English became also a little bit better because I became much more confident to speak it by talking to my friends at school. 

c ya <3 

xo, Sophie

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