Australia - Down Under 2k15 #1


Finally, one of my biggest dreams became true! 

Since I was twelve one of my biggest dreams is it to travel the world. The first country which I wrote on the top of my big list is a country with an area about 7.692.024km² and a population about 23,882,500 people. Can you guess which country I mean? 
Yes, it is Australia. However, I think you already read it on the title of this post or noticed that on the picture above  ^^ ... 

... and now I am here for already more than one month. All in all I will stay here for two month in my summer holidays. I flew here with an organisation named ' GLS - Sprachenzentrum Berlin '
( click here to read more about it ). 

The first week I stayed with a german group in Sydney to visit some sights ( Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Manly Beach,... ) and of course to go shopping. The group consists of students who also take part in a school exchange. Although we know us each other only for one week we came us very close and became good friends. I really enjoyed Sydney and hope to come back one day...

 xo, Sophie

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