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Good evening peeps!

As you probably know of my Instagram ( @sophiengocanhx ) I'm going to be 17 in two days. So I thought about creating a wishlist for some inspiration! 

// ANNOTATION: The following products are JUST for inspiration. Firstly, I do not want to get all the stuff. Secondly, I do not have to get the following things of those brands. Also I wrote those brands because I've got the picture from their side. :-) //

                            for breakfast in bed ( by IKEA )                     of course for some outfit selfies :D ♡ 
                                                                                                           ( by IKEA )

                       ( by Tiffany & Co. )                    Pyjama ( by Victoria's Secret )           for jewelry ( by ZARA HOME )



For spring/summer I need a new pair of shoes. However, I cannot decide which one yet... Which one would you prefer? 1,2 or 3? ♡ 
( by NIKE )

                 sweat pants                               candle ( by Bath & Bodyworks )           Speedy bag ( By LV )
            ( by Victoria's Secret )

                                     MAC Highlighter ♡                                           Bag  by Michael Kors

                                         bag by Michael Kors                                    Lipstick by MAC

                                      top by Abercrombie & Fitch                         bed linen by IKEA


                  bed linen by IKEA                               Blouse by Ralph Lauren                        Pullover by Ralph Lauren

What things are on your wishlist? ♡ 

Good night!


Instagram: @sophiengocanhx

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